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Places in Umbagollah.

Start by viewing a map of Umbagollah.

Umbagollah is divided into five provinces. We will start with a general overview of those features which are not confined to one province alone, and then describe the localised places.

A guide to the smaller villages.
The Fly River.
The Coastline.
An overview of Umbagollah's natural wonders.

The Province of Ex.
Occupied almost entirely by a single massive forest, the Province of Ex houses our capital city and seat of government.
The city of Ex. A spindly and mysterious place.
The Forest of Ex.

The Province of Gum Gooloo Gum Jublet.
This sunlit province was the first area of Umbagollah to be settled.
The city of Gum Gooloo Gum Jublet. Our first city, warm and verdant.
Gum Gooloo is also home to The Cultural and Natural History Museum. This is the place where stories and documents are kept.
Two Shows Ranges.
The Fly Ravine.
The South Thrip River.
Furl, where paper is made.

The North West Province.
The North West harbours Umbagollah's most violent town, much to the shame of its hundreds of peaceful farming communities.
The town of Jail. A lawless seaport.
The North-West Flatlands.
The Wandering Woods.
The Kadmudia Gouache mudflats.
West Drosophilia River.

The Province of the Falling Hills.
Windy, wild and mad, the Falling Hills are inhabited by eccentrics and governed by a poet.
The Falling Hills.
The High Country.
The village of Top Of The Hill.
East Drosophilia River.
The Kelp Forests.
North Thrip River.

The Province of Cumber Poidy.
This tiny province consists of two islands, a lot of sea and a community that lives in a cave system.
The town of Cumber Poidy. A town underground.
The Isle of Yunck and Aorist Island.
Pithistle Strait.