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The Cultural and Natural History Museum.

This is where we store our collection of pictures and stories, unusual objects, plant and animal specimens and the travel journals of explorers. If you would like to contribute to the museum, you can become an Umbagollian at the Citizenship page.
The Museum is located in the beautiful city of Gum Gooloo Gum Jublet and maintained by Aragon Friebel.


Five stories by Samara Jaląya:
Rasa Josephine Kanaka-MacIllison
One of us must die.
Something's changed.
The Window Woman.
The Mirror.

Trevon has discovered the origin of the word 'Potato.'
And he spins tales about the aristocrats in The adventures of Ovidio Glare 1: I want to be a prince.
He has also heard some horror stories:
Shanhtar, the giant rat.
Accursed rain.
And the charming, With her head in the clouds.

Naimah describes one tourist's experience of the Day of Silence in Ex is the cause of my insanity.

Fred-Who-Lives-On-A-Mountain conducts an interview with the Wild Bunch.

Aura Pisces reports on her ocean voyage. She found some strange things out there.

A fragment of an old text: The beliefs of a mystic.

This interview with Flip Hivewrapper, courtesan and spy comes from Ex. It contains some profanity.

The story of the young mouse and the cat comes from the North-West province.

Two Exian jokes.
Another Exian joke overheard by Samara: The mosquito and the lion.

And here are two stories from our room of Folk Tales from other countries,
as told by Samara Jalaya.

The Stonen Drum.
The story of Jennitha.