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A guide to the smaller villages.

The majority of Umbagollah's villages are concentrated around the Fly River, and in the Gum Gooloo Gum Jublet and North-West Provinces where the earth is fertile. There are few villages in the Province of Ex and none on the islands Yunck and Aorist. Residents of the Falling Hills are more likely to live alone than in clustered settlements, but there is one fair-sized village named Top Of The Hill located in the High Country area of that province.

Anatomie was known as Plums until a group of scientists came across it in 1001. They were searching for a place outside the cities where they could practise their studies in privacy. Plums, they decided, was perfect. They moved in, and the population of the town immediately doubled. "You're invading us," the villagers said.

"No we're not," a scientist told them. "We're improving your quality of life. Here is a stump-jump plough."

"Stick it up your arse," the villagers replied.

"Ha, ha -" said the scientist "-no."

So the villagers stuck the stump-jump plough up his arse. This led to a small civil war which the scientists won. They were not proud of themselves. The dead town horrified them.

"This didn't happen," one of them said. Then, "It wasn't our fault we won."

"Let's rename the town," another scientist said. "Let's name it after something that is common to all of us. That will promote peace and understanding."

"What do we all have in common?"


Claw lies at the northern edge of the North-West province, just outside the Forest of Ex. The Forest is easily visible from any place in the town: it covers half the horizon with a dark, impending wall of trees. The majority of the townpeople are woodcutters.

Damp Ignite.
Damp Ignite, which lies inside the boundaries of the Kadmudia Gouache mudflats in the province of the North-West, has its own page.

A small village in the North-West Province, close to the Forest of Ex and the River Fly. A trading post for local farmers and passing ferrymen.

Eyes stands at the junction of the North Thrip River and the Bathwater Ocean. A road used to run through the Two Shows Ranges connecting Eyes to Gum Gooloo, but the road was recently diverted to run around the mountains after the villagers were found to be profiteering off victims of the riddling mountain monster, Finnbar Galedeep.

This prosperous paper-making village in the Province of Gum Gooloo Gum Jublet has its own page.

A village of timber-cutters located on the north-eastern edge of the Wandering Forest, on the banks of the West Drosophila River.

The houses and shops of Locked stand at both ends of the Locked Bridge, which crosses the River Fly on the long road between Ex and Jail. The road sees a lot of traffic and the village is consequently prosperous. (see the Communications page for a map of the route.) Locked has its own page.

Rest is only sizeable village on the South Thrip River. Its stone bathhouse decorated with carvings of animals and insects is famous throughout Umbagollah.

Simple, in the North-West Flatlands, has its own page.

Top Of The Hill.
Top Of The Hill, in the High Country, has its own page.

Unspeakable Evil.
Evil is a pretty little seaside village to the south of Gum Gooloo Gum Jublet. It took its name from a Dangerous Mystic (see: Beliefs) who spent the last ten years of his life sitting on the beach screaming "Unspeakable evil!" at the ocean, and throwing rocks into it. Goolooians who came to stare at the mystic found that the fishing around his beach was excellent, and that the local breeze helped to clear chest colds. A town was founded.

Wrinkle is located in the Province of the Falling Hills by the side of the River Fly. It is quite near the junction between the Fly and East Drosophila. Herbs grow well here, near the mudflats, and Wrinkle is home to a number of well-known herb-gatherers.