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Zymphrumple op Cargh.


Lives : at the highland end of the falling hills most likely.

Occupation: a player of horns and fashioner of flutes and houses, but mostly a dreamer looking to sleep in peace and avoid trouble.

"Zymphrumple op Cargh had a fondness for mountains and trees though only a passing tollerance for beez

the very thought of honey cake gave him a terrible thirst
well night impossible to slake

from over the mountains his wandering spirit came
a dream in his heart, impossible to name

his father a speaker to vapour dragons
who fallowed the iron roads
as if they were almost tame

zymph the wander was often his name
his heart had two loves he thought one and the same

the vapour dragons and their iron pathes
and the hills and trees and little furry creatures
with big sharp teeth that lived in them

bright enough at how things worked
still never any great master of keeping track of numbers."

Zymphrumple op Cargh's part of the Falling Hills is battered, bold, rough, torn, knobbly, fierce, iron-coloured and filled with winds that come from the north, south, east, west, and south-west without any consideration for his comfort or health. Nonetheless, the view is grand. His home is low-set, to protect both it and him against the wind, with a shaggy, grassy roof; and the ends of the eaves bow so close to the ground that he can walk from his garden (if he has a garden) up, across the spine of the roof, and down the other side with ease.