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Trade and Exchange.

Umbagollah does not have a national currency. An attempt was made to introduce one in the Year of Forethought (1530), soon after the Exians took over the country, but no-one could decide what it should look like. Instead, Umbagollah runs on a system of basic barter and Desireable Objects. (More on the Desireable Objects in a moment.)

Barter means finding a person with the object or service you need, and then exchanging it for something you already possess. Anything from food to songs to ideas can be traded. A pie could be traded for a ferry trip down the Fly River, or a beastie could be exchanged for a rendition of the Love Aria from The Life and Opinions of a Thief performed in a B flat two-part harmony. It all depends on what each party wants to get out of the deal.

Desireable Objects are items of exchange peculiar to one individual. One person might decide to carry a collection of knives as their Desireable Objects; another might have a head full of poems which they recite on demand. Desobs or Dobs, as they are usually known, are used as that individual's standard item of barter. As always, the other person needs to agree on the exchange before a trade takes place, but Dobs are regarded in roughly the same light as a proper currency, and refusals are not common unless the Dob is something unusually unpleasant.