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Links, Webrings and Awards.


If you're looking for other online countries you could try the Micronation and Sovereignty Website Index.

Otherwise you could visit
... Trevon's micronation, Tantorin.
... or Samara's Dutch RPG Raganorck.
... and there's always Co's strange and wonderful country, Cuyuni.

We recognise the independant micronations of the Zamin of BŠatharz...

... and Kelterspruf. (that's Kelterspruf's flag.)

Link Exchanges.

A sci-fi/fantasy e-zine called Quantummuse. ("Publishing the best of sci-fi and fantasy. For free. In our sober moments.")
RealmsOfEvil.Net: The D&D and AD&D Villain's website. Contains new spells, psionics, adventure hooks, monsters, DM tools, races and classes/kits for both 3rd and 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons. All for the use of evil characters. So stop on by and feel the wickedness.


can be found here.


This came from The World of Saya.
November 1st, 1999

Samara's site of the month

Other links in no particular order.

Sebasti„o Salgado, world photographer, relieves 'compassion fatigue.'

The International Organisation for Migration.

Mr Movin' Melvin Brown. He sings, he tapdances, he is a very great and polished cabaret act.

Dream Anatomy, an exhibition of anatomical illustration.

Forthright's Phrontistery, an online dictionary of unusual words.

The Rickmanista Review site.

Joseph Cornell, fey and inimitable filler of boxes.

An article about Raymond Roussel.

A database of artists, The Artchive.

Bookcrossing, where books run free.

Triple RRR, community radio.

Speaking of music, here's a band called Dandelion Wine.

A piece of striking visual theatre, Genesi, from the museum of sleep.

Guy Maddin, film director.

An interview with The Brothers Quay.
The Quay's
official site